“There Is Nothing Wrong with Rappers Trying Out Singing” — Kultcha on Talk About It With Ashraph



Greetings Kultcha, you are welcome to lokcitymusic’s “Talk About It” session with Ashraph

Thanks blood, I appreciate this opportunity.

Mind telling the viewers your real name as well as where you are from?

My real name is Michael Ufuoma Ogilo. I’m from Delta state, Ughelli South.
Based in Lagos, but my childhood all happened in Kaduna. Hence, the Mc skills 🙂

I know you started off as a hardcore rapper, what triggered the sudden switch in your genre?

Facts only, had to switch cos I realised i could connect with more audience than limiting my self to just hardcore

And how’s that been for you?
That is the switch, the acceptance as well as criticism by your hardcore fans

I won’t lie, I lost couple of my hiphop fans bro. But I ended up gaining more fans than I had being a hardcore rapper. A small fraction of the hiphop side related to the switch and wished me well. Lol while the others couldn’t relate, they want that hardcore core raw lyricism

How long have you been into music professionally?

6 years and counting.


Your last song, “Physical” with Muno had you trying out your singing skill which was impressive by the way. How hard was it?

Yeah, the song demanded avenue for not just rap alone. I had to connect to the song firstly, then give it the right kinda vibe.
Well, singing is a craft on its own. It was hard mehn, i can’t even lie. But being that I’m also a sound engineer, I’ve mixed a whole lot of songs from RnB to Afro and so on, it didn’t take me much to pull it off. Shout out to Muno by the way, dude told me I could do it and I did it.

Nice. Are you currently working on a project?

Yes I am.
Thinking of an EP and a mixtape for my hiphop heads.

How soon are we to expect these?

No specific date yet though, don’t wanna put a deadline. Could be sooner but trust anything I put out has to be a classic.

What has been your biggest set back so far in the industry?

Lol, was when my monitor speakers got bad.

Tell us about the experience

I had loads of jobs that I had to mix before the due date. Couple of tracks of my own that I couldn’t finish up. I almost panicked, took me a while to get a new one cause these speakers are quite expensive.

With your experience so far, do you think the nigerian music industry will ever favour rappers?

Most definitely, as long as naija rappers keep being consistent.
It’s harder now, but in due time. Nigerians love rap music, maybe not as much as Afro music but we sure love a good rap.

Let’s take a quick dive into the business part of the industry.
Labels are often seen/heard of making signed rappers water down their bars, mostly making them switch to singing so as to be “marketable”.
Now, seeing that no Nigerian rapper has really made it big off the industry by being true to the hardcore rap/hiphop religion, you really think being consistent with just rap music and not joining the singing trend will do the artiste’s career any good?

Truth is rap has been watered down through out the years. Rap ain’t what it used to be.
As far as singing is concerned if you ask me, it has always been a thing.
A lot of hiphop cats sang back then. Eminem, Biggie and many more. It’s experimental. As long as the rap artiste can connect with the audience, that’s all that matters. With or without singing.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with rappers trying out singing, and the rigid rappers out there should take a chill pill and make more relatable music?

I couldn’t have said it better.
Music shouldn’t be stereotypical. As time passes, there are newer audience and with different mindsets.

What Genre(s) of music would you be touching as your career takes a new dimension?

Rap and pop


I believe you have a strategy laid out towards warming your way into the hearts of more fans. Mind giving us hints?

For now I’m making sure the songs get frequent air play on major radio stations, major blogs and top social musical networks.
I believe good music will always find its way.


What is your relationship status?

I’m married to the game, lol.

What advice do you have for other rising artistes out there?

Y’all need to work hard. Just keep working. Hard work plus talent definitely pays, only a matter of time.

Alright then, we’ve come to the end of your interview session. Do have a great day Kultcha.

And you too CEO of Lokcitymusic, thanks for having me.

Download “Physical” by Kultcha featuring Muno


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