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Lokcitymusic drops much anticipated album, “Be Heard.”

Henceforth, take the saying, “Two many cooks spoil the broth,” with a pinch of salt. With some of the nations finest and most dynamic musicians; Lake, B-Tone, Jay Teazer, Funkcleff, YBNL’s Limerick and Headies nominee Payper Corleone, there was little doubt this album, despite the experimentation of different sounds would be a musical soup of sorts.

The project opens with “We Are,” ft Lake, Jay Teazer, Pfleks and Amazing K1. The song fittingly expresses the arrival of the album.

The next song, Kategory dives into Afro root vibes, evoking memories of Fela. YBNL’s Limerick displayed his unique singing and rapping skills with a gravely voice either side of V5ive and Anny D.

My Love ft Lake and King Pantomime, is a wavy and bouncy song with an RnB feel. It has Lake, whose honeyed vocals, tell of his love for his girl.

My life starts like an anthem—a movement of sorts.
The beat is infectious; a blend of ragga and Dancehall, which plays into the lips of V5ive to deliver sick lyrics, “Na monkey way dey try see the hunter clearly dey receive bullet for eye, chai my guy, na wetin man sip wey e lock up na the same thing wey make another high…”

No Lazy embodies the Nigerianism, “Hustle.” This ineffable pop song, a feature between B-Tone and Funkcleff is arguably the best song in this project. It’s groovy, wavy, blessed with sick lyricism, musicality and deep punchlines many rappers would love to lay acclaim to. The song leaves the listener in want of more.

Penthauze signee, Superboy Cheque comes through in ‘On A Daily’ with Iam Ed and Slimbuck as they create an EDM infused trap song.

Jay Teazer has no fault with his feature on Believe, delivering a deft hook and chorus. Headies nominated Payper Corleone donated heavy bars for the course.

Excuse Me, a song by Q and Sinno is influenced by Ghana pop sounds. While Life Goes On ft PD2 and Joreal expresses thanks to God despite the shortcomings and challenges in life.

The Lake produced instrumental to Gbege is a unique blend of commercial sounds—transpeircing Afro, Electronica, Ragga and Dancehall. ELHI and Beejay created a magic that would lasso anyone into nodding heads, tapping feet, and drumming fingers. This song grows gradually in you with every listen, like a wizkid song, infusing the chutzpah to become footloose and carefree to gyration.

Money by Amazing K1 and Mapel is one of those fun songs with the ‘Owambe’ vibe. A song that should be performed on stage with a live band. Jayson Ace, Meister and Ray B’s Gbe Body is lovably silly with a welcome but playful relief.
Pfleks-produced Saye, which comes with features from Nowel and Pfleks, creates a mellow party vibe, whilst also managing to pass a message. The duo relentlessly admonishes calm in all your endeavours and be hopeful in your hustle.

Topson UK is a quintessential ragga artiste. His rhythm is an evocative Jamiacan-driven tropical sound; catchy, rhyming and bouncy with a northern drawl on the Most Wanted song, either side of V5ive’s chorus and Saucy with their distinct styles.

4 Summers serves us a catchy hook and chorus from Bemshima which embodies fun and balling. Gunzz jumped on the train with a chilled and relaxed flow.


It’s advisable to save the best for the last. Many cooks will agree that the bottom of the pot holds the sweetest part of the food. That statement isn’t far from the truth when you listen to Lake’s, mellifluous, free-spirited voice on Be Heard (Outro). A mass choir should have been featured to deliver a choral fest on this track. Nonetheless, calm, collected, and with great panache, Lake elegantly closes the album and sends us to sleep, having been overfed with a musical soul food.

The album was executive produced by Lokcitymusic CEO King Ash.

Rating: 3/5

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