Snoop Dogg Explains What Nipsey Hussle Did But 2Pac Couldn’t




Nipsey Hussle and 2Pac were both rappers who died young and when they were at the top of their careers.

But comparing the two can be a bit fraught since 2Pac was a bigger deal than Nipsey when they were alive. (Although like Nip, Pac’s stature grew greatly in death.)

Snoop Dogg, who knew them both pretty well, actually thinks Nip has been in some ways more impactful than Pac.

“What [Nipsey] stood for was stopping the gang violence. He was from 60 Crip but he loved gang members. He loved Bloods. He loved YG. And the bond he had with the ‘hood—different neighborhoods—was impeccable. He was like a street soldier,” Snoop said while discussing his track “One Blood, One Cuzz” on The Breakfast Club.

He then made the Nip to Pac comparison.

“The spirit Nipsey had was the spirit 2Pac had as far as being up close and personal with the people,” Snoop explained at about the 30 minute mark. “I think Nipsey did what 2Pac couldn’t do. I think the spirit of 2Pac was Nipsey … He don’t rap like him, but he moved like him. The way he was lovable, but gangsta at the same time.”



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