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Its “Talk About It”.. your favorite program on lokcitymusic. And I’m Your host; Ashraph..

Today, I’ve got a guest most of y’all been wanting to meet.
The dude who is known for his fierce but yet comic kind of rap.

How you doing today?

Good good

Before we start tell me something, did you go to church today? Or did your pastor give you a day off?

I did, my mum’s the pastor, ain no day off

Oh.. Great!
You are a very holy boy then?

Ain nothing great about it fam, sadly am not a holy boy, who is?

Oh well, just very few people are.

Moving on…
Mind telling the viewers your real name?

Akumefule Emeka

What state are you from?


Grew up there?

Nope, Lasgidi

Heard you started music few years ago, Mind telling us what year precisely and what/who motivated you?

2010, my cousin challenged me after listening to Lil H, a 14yr old naija rapper. I wonder where the boy is now tho

Lil H.. that kid was kind of impressive then. Heard him first on jimmy’s jump off. But dude went quiet all of a sudden.

I thought he’d be like next to blow, dunno how he managed to not blow up

Tell us what winning Terry Tha Rapman’s zombie competition has really done to your music career

It put my name on the radar, got me fans, got me contacts, it was an awesome way to kick start my career

Do your parents support your music career?

I wont say they support, i’d say they approve. More like they just know that I rap, and basically am not 16 yr old emeka anymore, they really cant stop me any longer

How do you cope with school and music at the same time?

I have no idea, I just live with it

Were you impressed with the outcome of the release of your HHIB mixtape?

I was blown away.
I had not seen anything like it.

The host site told me the moment he posted, the traffic on his site rose to 5000 immediately, I was stunned

Did you get any hype from any top artist?

Yea. Aq, boogey, Rapman, Cyrus d virus, and so on

i’ve noticed how much you love using Drake’s beats.. Some think it has become an obsession. What’s your say?

Well, Its cos they dope, when I hear beats, if am inspired, I write verses on em. and drake has those kinda beats

What inspired you to start using an Alter Ego?
Better yet, tell us abt Emeka

I sincerely can’t remember what inspired it, but Emeka is my way to widen my audience. This lets me talk to the everyday man, speaking a language that breaks through tribal constraints.

Its me being “commercial”.

Do you think Emeka is getting more fans than Blaqbonez?

Yea, I think so

How soon do you think you’lld get to the limelight And what are your plans towards it?

Ain no time frame in ma mind.
Ama put out two vids between now and the first quater of next year, then see what happens.
Gods time is what I await, I remain undaunted

Now, let’s talk about your Yung6ix Diss.
The questions on everybody’s mind since you dissed him has been;

“Why did blaq diss Six?”

“What Did Six do?”

“Is it a publicity stunt”?

So tell me, did you have a personal p with Yung6ix or did you diss him for publicity?

Anybody that really wants to know should scroll through my favourites on twitter, there’s a Yung6ix tweet at me there from two years ago.
Plus he been biting my lines

Okay. in your recent joint “Hostile reception” which happens to be a Vector’s reply, you apologized to Yung6ix. Why?

Yes, it made my rhymes sexier, plus it buttressed my vector point

So you are saying you didn’t mean the apology?

Is that what u think?

Well, it looks like its what you are insinuating

Truth is, iont hate nobody. He messed up, and I told him.
Every other time I mentioned him was me just having fun. Like in the Life n Muzic Cypher, I was done with ma verse, came out and someone was like “Yo Blaq, nothing for yung6?

So, I went back in and dissed yung6ix again. hahaha its all fun, no hate, just fun. :D

Lol.. All good

What’s your relationship status?

In love

“In love”
I like that. Do you mind telling us her name?

Naah, no names fam. Niggas gon go all up in her life like “i’m blaqbonez’ number 1 fan, can I get ur contact”. Then she cant say no, all em thirsty ass niggas gon crawl up all over her, no no no.

Lol.. Okay.

Who is your role model?

Royce da 5’9


Tell us about your forthcoming mixtape “Blaqbox”

Even I myself dont know about the blaqbox mixtape hehe.

Okay okay, I actually plan to turn that shit to an album. got singles with simi, sammydavids, Aq, party jams, real hiphop shit!
mehn that shit too hot for a tape. anyways I gat stuff planned for y’all, u know I gat u

Alright then, let’s see how it goes.

We’ve come to the end of the show. But before you go, got one last question for you.

What do you think is the major challenge upcoming artists are facing right now?

We ain gat money! that’s the challenge.
I mean what doesn’t respond to money? Bloggers? Tv guys? Alaba peeps? Nobody mehn.

True that mehn..

That said, the show just ended as we gotta make it as brief as possible.

Y’all can hook up with us next week right here on for another episode.



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  1. Emesdhan Reply

    blaq toh brutal….
    bin wanting to hear about this sh*t lonq time aqo
    buh dudes in RHYME N PATTERN be talkinq jagonz

    nice one Ash :)

  2. Reply

    Ashraph hi rili love wot u doing 4 they lokcity Rapers nice one..keep it up we gat ur back..but tlkin abt yung6ix..hi tink 6ix is they best of his I tink anybody dissin yung6ix is making him grow stronga so hi see no reason 4 anybody 2 diss 6ix cuz is rili doing wot they street wnt!!! I Am


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